VOLO Finance – World Class Asset Management Service Provider

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VOLO Finance is the Master Introducing Broker of  Prudent Internasional Berjangka, an international financial product broker certified by major financial regulatory agencies in Indonesia

VOLO Finance is an asset management service provider that aspires to jointly create profit and wealth with investors, pursuing the maximization of investors’ interests.

Based on scientific trading concepts and systematic technical analysis, combined with rich financial product trading and fund management experience, a focus on short-term trades in the financial market, and provides investment & wealth management services for individual and institutional investors.

Aim At The World, Plan For The Future

VOLO Finance brings together many senior financial experts in international financial markets, including banking, foreign exchange, blockchain, securities, and fund management industry elites to form an expert fund management team.  VOLO Finance sets our base in Asia,  expand to the Southeast Asian market, and aim to become the top-preferred fund management institution in the international finance market

Strategic Advantages

I. 3 Technicals, 2 Analyses, 1 Volume Scientific Trading Strategy

Adhering to the principle of scientific trading,  complement with financial investment experience, combining technical indicators and international market fundamental analysis, VOLO Finance’s trading strategy can filter and precisely select market entry opportunities. Assisting our trading experts to conduct quick, short-term transactions, focusing on risk control, and pursuing steady asset growth.

II. Prioritising Investors Long-Term Interests

VOLO Finance’s goal is to become the top fund management service provider that maximizes the long-term interests of investors, applying a small, large quantity, and low-risk trading model to create long-term asset growth for investors

III. Sustainable Commission Model

Emphasising a reasonable and sustainable commission model, VOLO Finance does not create a marketing hoax by giving out massive commissions but instead use a long-term, sustainable revenue commission model to guide introducing brokers to maintain high-quality services to investors.

IV. Secured Risk Management System

Risk management is the foundation of VOLO Finance’s robust growth. A complete and well-defined organizational structure with a clear division of authority, proper internal control system, and a regulated broker platform is our guarantee to secured risk management.

VOLO Finances 3 Lines Of Defence For Risk Management

I. Stop Loss Mechanism

Based on the “80-20 Rule”, every trade order will have an 80% profit margin and 20% stop-loss limit to adapt to market fluctuations. If there are any differences between the actual market trend and predicted trend by our trading team, the traders and Hawkeye AI will automatically close the trade position when reaching the 20% loss threshold.

II. Group Division Management

Each investor’s trading account is randomly assigned to different investor groups, and each trader will randomly deploy to manage different groups. This group management mechanism can effectively prevent internal fraud incidents, and also allows traders to perform their best effort to generate asset growth for each group.

III. Account Wallet Separation

In order to ensure the safety of investors’ funds, investors funds will be stored separately by the brokerage platform, 3rd-party custodian banks and the MT4 server. VOLO Finance only has the right to manage trades and does not have the authority to withdraw funds or transfer funds.

Partnership Broker – Prudent Internasional Berjangka Financial Regulatory Authority Certificates

VOLO Finance Official Website: https://www.volo.finance/

VOLO Finance Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volofinance/

VOLO Finance Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/volofinance/

Prudent Internasional Berjangka Website: https://www.prudents-fx.com/

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