Our Team

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Amber Wilson

Amber Wilson is working in England as a medical doctor. She has deep knowledge about medication, health, how to live well and genetics. She writes articles about that medication field as a part-time service which is required to needy people. In recent months, most of her writing has been in collaboration with Medic Insider.

John Crawford

John Crawford is an American physician and medical researcher. Writing is his passion. His research interest is related to the health issues and regarding concerns. He has lots of knowledge and writing material related to ongoing health related problems. He is contributed with medicinsider.com to publish his researched writing material.

Zack Martin

Zack Martin writes books, which, considering where peoples are reading this makes perfect sense. He’s best known for writing articles on science and technology. Now he works an editor in Emerald Journal from last 3 years.

Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell is an entrepreneur, marketer and writer. Also, she writes articles on health, business and technology. She is senior reporter across digital platforms. People can find her trying out new chili recipes, playing squash.

Steve Guilbaud

Steve Guilbaud is an agriculture professor as proficiently but writing is his passion. Because of his writing skill he is also known as a writer. He completed his graduation from well known Oxford University. He writes short stories as well as news articles related to the agriculture field. In recent month, he is on board with enviromagazine.com as a freelance author.