Superplayer fire is on Fire Full Game and smart contracts are about to trigger countdown

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Recently, a lossless smart contract based on wave field chain Fire Full Game is very popular in imToken. Through access and access to information, we can see that Fire Full Game is a new intelligent contract Dapp, Intelligent contract code is 100% open source, completely decentralized, open and transparent, seconds and seconds.View open source code on mainstream public chain TRON wave field and GitHub of the world’s largest social programming and code hosting site.

Fire Full Game is the common belief of almost all player enthusiasts. Recently, it has been observed that Fire Full Game nondestructive intelligent contract is about to enter the trigger open state. As a completely decentralized intelligent contract on the public chain of wave field, all data are running on the chain. No project side, no arbitrary change of rules, running off the net and other risks. A second minute and second matching mechanism is fully written into the wave field intelligent contract to execute automatically. Such a powerful mechanism ensures that there is no need to cash out, the data is completely synchronized to the decentralized wallet, and there is no need to worry about the security of funds. This is also the reason for the fire Fire Full Game the whole network.

Firepower is all open Fire Full Game, all rules are equal, no one can terminate the platform, because its automatic execution function is guaranteed by intelligent contract, the contract can not be erased or tampered with. Even if the decentralized wallet stops running, all data and the entire structure will remain the same as long as there is Internet access, and the smart contract will continue to run.

The Fire Full Game is 100% open source from the underlying architecture, and its open source code is available on Github official website and wave field public chain. The code is also audited by professional organizations and confirmed that there is no hidden risk. Open access to all DAPP wallets without account registration, automatic identification TRX wallet address.

Secondly, from the technical level of Fire Full Game, the core of Fire Full Game technology is the extension of intelligent contract of decentralized block chain. By combining cryptographic tools such as encrypted digital technology, zero knowledge proof, and trusted multi-party computing, intelligent contract asset hosting is realized. Assets always exist on smart contracts, and private keys are managed by verification nodes working together and consensus. No party can use assets without authorization, thus making players safe, reliable and secure. Fire Full Game can operate in any decentralized wallet that supports DAPP, even if the account and password are lost, You can immediately retrieve any decentralized wallet through a private key or mnemonic.

Moreover, from the Fire Full Game destruction mechanism, the Fire Full Game has a perfect and feasible fuel incineration mechanism. All fuel FPT are held by 100 super players and 30 million fuel FPT are mapped to the market. The fuel generated by the mapping is used to participate in non-destructive contracts. All FPT fuel incineration and destruction are no longer in the market and executed automatically by smart contracts. Fuel FPT each incineration destruction of the remaining 20, the price rose 40, unlimited circulation.

The Fire Full Game development team also integrates the player assets and the second match mechanism into the wave field intelligent contract to realize no human operation, no project side, thus solving the underlying value belief and consensus problem.

To sum up Fire Full Game such a fire is not without reason, its absolutely open and transparent mechanism is enough to crush many projects on the market, plus no cash ,100% positive dial ratio, second minute matching mechanism, enabling players to open the Fire Full Game of fire, such a wave field intelligent contract project, is a rare good project in the past ten years, full fire Fire Full Game is the real TRX wave field market value “killer promoter “.

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