SMN1- Encrypted anonymous social platform, ushering in a new era of blockchain social

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Since the frenzy of DEFI project hit in 2020, the blockchain digital currency market ushered in a new wave of bull market belonging to digital currency under the shine of DEFI, and under the entrance and support of traditional financial institutions, it also injected a large number of fresh blood for the digital currency market. We believe that with the rapid technological development of the blockchain industry and the intervention of the capital market, the scale of the digital currency market will grow day by day.

As the digital currency market grows, a new crypto anonymous social platform stands out from the crowd. Super Module Network One (SMN1) is a community based encryption anonymous social platform, SMN1 through social attribute, to provide users with encryption storage, in the currency of the trading function, is the new generation of Super anonymous Internet, both security, anonymity and expanding, to achieve the perfect unification of privacy protection and capacity scalability, the comprehensive protection of personal assets security and privacy. SMN1 is an anonymous low-level protocol from the network layer to the application layer by using block chain technology. It adopts decentralized consensus, smart contract, zero-knowledge proof, mixed network and mixed currency technology to create a new anonymous network.

Liquidity, according to the SMN1 official SMN1 mining function will be held in Singapore time officially launched on April 2, 2021, users can through Uniswap decentralized exchange pool of SMN1 1:1 to provide liquidity and liquidity credentials (LP token) to pledge, have liquidity reward through its products, its liquidity as much as a 360% annualized rate of the product.

In the second half of 2021, SMN1 foundation will be about the global well-known technology giant chain blocks in the depth of the underlying technology cooperation, including Google, Microsoft, oracle, and other global giant of science and technology enterprises, the joint block chain technology research, mainly for anonymity, security and scalability are discussed. At the same time, SMN1 will also plan to build regional project communities in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Europe and the United States and other regions, which will gather SMN1 project users and technical elites from all over the world to jointly maintain the development of SMN1 project.

Currently, SMN1 has been launched on the Uniswap decentralized exchange, with a maximum intraday increase of 550% on the day of launch, with the enthusiastic participation of all SMN1 users. It is reported that the SMN1 team has been in discussions with the world’s leading exchanges, SMN1 will soon launch Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Huobi Global, OKEx and other well-known digital currency exchanges, to provide a diversified trading environment for SMN1 users.

SMN1 combines the most popular social and entertainment industry, integrates the perfect public chain technology architecture and encryption algorithm mechanism, and SMN1, the leader of the global anonymous social chain, comes into being. SMN1 has netted the advantageous resources of the industry page layer, and opened a new era of global encrypted social networking!


Flow mining:

SMN1 address: 0 x07147220fa6c06295464d695e4ec012f6aebc275

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