SERES announces comprehensive global sales and service expansion strategy

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SERES, the leading Chinese new energy vehicle company, recently announced its global sales and service expansion strategy to redefine the luxury vehicle market using intelligent technology.

To achieve this goal, SERES will leverage its exceptional R&D and manufacturing capabilities to implement a series of major initiatives. These include:

  • The launch of a range of more luxurious and intelligent new energy vehicles
  • Increased cooperation with global partners to optimize and improve sales and service networks in major markets worldwide
  • The development of a new service system to provide global users with a premium intelligent service experience

"We stand at the forefront of the new energy automotive revolution, aiming to redefine luxury in the electric era with intelligence," said Zhang Xinghai, Founder and Chairman of SERES Group. "In the coming years, SERES will lead the way in 'defining vehicles by software', deeply integrating intelligence into our vehicles to span the full value chain of intelligent products, intelligent safety, and intelligent services. This will deliver a brand-new experience that meets users' most fundamental luxury needs."

SERES launched its new expansion strategy at the 2024 Oversea Business Conference held in Chongqing. The company invited business partners from over 60 countries and regions to discuss plans for a global luxury sales and service network.

SERES targets exporting 50,000 units by the end of this year, making it the top luxury brand to export from China, and plans to increase exports to 200,000 within three years, with a long-term goal of reaching 500,000 exports by 2030.

SERES further elaborated on its overseas strategy, emphasizing its focus on the global SUV market with luxury, intelligent and comfort products. By harnessing local insights and leveraging existing technological advancements from the Chinese market, along with expansion into both left-hand and right-hand drive markets, SERES aims to deliver unparalleled driving experiences worldwide.

SERES will soon launch new luxury intelligent SUV models in its SERES 5, SERES 7 and SERES 9 ranges in markets around the world, offering pure electric and range-extended options. In 2024, a total of six models from these three ranges will be launched into the global market, targeting the need for individual use, family use, as well as business use. As early as Q2 2024, consumers in the Middle East, Central Asia and South America can start to purchase these products.

To enhance a premium sales and services network, SERES will continue to increase cooperation with global partners. Based on current diverse, flexible, and mutually beneficial collaborations, future plans include the development of service systems, local sales companies and the construction of overseas factories.

SERES has already successfully expanded its presence to more than 20 countries worldwide and is actively enhancing its global market footprint through a robust growth strategy in key regions, including European, Middle Eastern and North African, as well as Latin American markets. This year, SERES plans to expand further by opening up 30 new markets, bringing its global presence to 60 major markets by the years end.

With powerful products and premium sales and service networks, SERES is aiming to redifne the traditional luxury market. According to China Passenger Cars Associations luxury brand sales rankings in the Chinese market (January 1 March 10, 2024), SERES has already become a top-5 luxury brand in China, closely following the traditional luxury brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

The new SERES range: A fusion of luxury and intelligence

SERES 9: the flagship full-size luxury SUV
SERES 9: the flagship full-size luxury SUV

The brand-new flagship full-size luxury SUV SERES 9 leads its generation in intelligent technology. Its cutting-edge tech features include dual-megapixel projection headlights, an intelligent lighting system, and a 10-screen intelligent cabin.

Its space design is exceptional, with a class-leading 3.04 square meter flat floor, excellent 2,725mm seating space, and support for flexible 3-6 seat layouts with outstanding spatial appeal. It also comes equipped with the industry's first intelligent AR-HUD, with industry-leading 2K resolutions, and ultra-brightness. It can project images of 75 inches, at 8.5 meters. Together with the Triple-Screen Display in the front, SERES 9 creates an immersive navigation experience.

The SERES 9 excels in intelligent driving control capabilities. With full Aluminum-Alloy Chassis, intelligent air suspension system and other configurations, it delivers a class-leading driving control experience. Its safety protection is comprehensive, with an ultra-strong body structure made by world-leading 9000-ton die-casting technology, and up to nine airbags in the highest configuration. Combined with an 800-volt SiC platform and cloud-based BMS battery management, the consumption is as low as 6.9L/100km. It can go over 1,400 kilometers and safety is also significantly enhanced.

The new SERES 7 is a premium range-extended comfort SUV, combining versatile large spaces, exceptional comfort and top-level safety. Passengers can choose between spacious 5-seat or 6-seat layouts. The unique zero-gravity seat design with an 8-point full back massage, combined with the camping bed mode, delivers an unparalleled riding experience.

The SERES 7 adopts an all-round safety design philosophy. Parts of the body are made of hot-formed steel like in submarines, while the eight all-round safety airbags and aviation-grade battery heat insulation technology provides solid protection for driving safety. The negative ion air purification system creates a healthy and comfortable in-car environment. The interior design pursues ultimate aesthetics, with power doors, power steps, power sunshades, fast wireless charging and other luxury configurations and functions showcasing its premium quality.

As an intelligent sport SUV, the SERES 5 does not fall short in performance. SERES 5 EV has a luxurious intelligent cockpit, and reliable electric performance. The Range Extender version takes away any range anxiety as the CLTC range is up to 1455 km. It comes with a 40-kWh battery pack, with pure electric range of 260 km. And the Saker Falcon version, the sports edition of SERES 5, brings great performance and unique style for sport, with distinctive driving experience. It has Dual-Motor All-Wheel drive with 90kWh battery, accelerating from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds.

Intelligent sales and service system for global users

To meet the ever-increasing demands of premium consumers, SERES will invest in building a series of luxury intelligent offline sales and service centers, including brand and product showcases, delivery, comprehensive after-sales services, performance test tracks, science exhibitions, business lounges, charging services, and more, with the strategic target of achieving No. 1 in customer satisfaction.

"The concept of service has recently undergone a significant change, so our service philosophy and approach should also be upgraded and optimized, said John Zhang, Rotating President of SERES Group. We will define our vehicles by software and become leaders in intelligent services to ensure our users are enjoying the very best experience available in the luxury market."

Meanwhile, SERES will implement the "C.A.R.E" service philosophy, and will join hands with global partners to build an efficient, collaborative, and creative global team that meets the demands of the intelligent new energy vehicle era, continuously enhancing the brand's global service capabilities.

In this new era of electrification, SERES Auto is building a new future for the luxury automotive industry. Its unique vision to define vehicles by software is converging the worlds of intelligent technology and traditional luxury to revolutionize the driving experience for people all over the world.

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