Eric North, Better Known as “The Happiness Warrior”, Offers the 7 Crucial Steps to Achieve Happiness

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Beloved Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Advocate Seeks Happiness For All

New York City, New York Mar 21, 2024 ( – Happiness is overrated to many people since they are not actively trying to achieve that feeling through the journey of their lives. Being “The Happiness Warrior”, life coach and author Eric North knows the importance of happiness in every individual’s life and now, he is offering all the principles and practices that can help to achieve that. While happiness is temporary, one can find eternal happiness and see the good in everything even in the toughest times of life. Happiness is empowering and it offers confidence to proceed in life. Therefore, everyone deserves and requires to be happy to live a healthy life with wellness.

Change is inevitable and constant but when a person is aware of the forthcoming change, it creates a feeling that makes humans stop and wonder. It is the time when one starts to question own self to find the answers to life. There can be a shift in mindset and lifestyle where a person finally grows up, creates accountability, and gathers wisdom. Every human needs an occasional momentary pause to decelerate and consider what they want in their lives. Most individuals want to take control of themselves and create a mindset that makes their lives happier. However, happiness and the feeling of greater fulfillment do not come overnight. It takes a lot of time just to realize that happiness is self-created and self-directed. Every path chosen in life has its glories, obstacles, and unforeseen hardships.

Eric believes that the right path is the one in which humans can feel their spirit and vibration rise. It helps to unite with the universal energy and works like a guiding force that helps to proceed in life. Wisdom and clarity can be only achieved when the lifestyle is aligned with one person’s truth and core values of life. Practicing integrity and other healthy habits can help to live a happier life. However, it requires a person to follow seven practices that can help a person align their goals of achieving happiness and gradually achieve it. According to “The Happiness Warrior”, delaying gratification is the way to create greater purpose and momentum in human lives. This is the first step that one must follow to find the real values of life and eliminate negative narratives such as possession can create respect and admiration. Instead of showing off, a person must be truthful to his actions.

Secondly, a person must learn to break the cycle of procrastination. It is perhaps easy but many people still struggle to avoid it. Instead of wasting too much time in making empty promises and avoiding hard questions, the idea is to find more skill in finding solutions that make the tasks easier. It is easier for one to create a vicious unhappy cycle of misery and regret. However, self-created negative feelings make it impossible to create momentum. Eric believes, that permitting oneself to say no is one of the most liberating acts of self-love which is the third practice humans need to learn. It’s the start of making better choices and using valuable time with more intention and purpose. The fourth practice is to prioritize sleep and good health in general. While it can sound very basic to many people, it helps to create a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. Good sleep, food, and natural hormones help maintain the mind and body sync. It is crucial for mental and physical well-being.

Eric understands how fear can be an obstacle in many people’s lives so, he advises dismantling fear and having a daily affirmation as the fifth practice. Everyone should understand the fact that life begins when a person decides to step outside of their comfort zone. Eric explains Consistency as the sixth practice that is the key to achieving goals. The power of consistency and self-discipline is immense in every human’s life and consistency is the key to unlocking destiny. Lastly, Eric asks everyone to seek clarity and perspective in all things that help to grow with time. Clarity leads to maturity and maturity leads to wisdom which helps to understand compassion, resilience, and empathy. Therefore, clarity can help to live in a state of authenticity and self-actualization.

Being “The Happiness Warrior”, Eric knows that the secrets of life are few and mostly ingrained in human consciousness and behaviors. Instead of harming with self-destructive behaviors; a person can always find the right path by following these practices and believing in themselves. He believes life is a game and happiness depends on how people play it. Follow these seven habits of happiness and have a brand-new life! Those who are looking forward to gaining Eric North’s guidance, visit

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