Bit Taurus :DeFi market development in-depth interpretation

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DeFi is undoubtedly the hottest word in recent years. DeFi moves traditional finance to the blockchain network, reduces collaboration costs, improves operational efficiency, at the same time creates a global open and borderless financial system.

Before DeFi, blockchain technology experienced two major breakthroughs, both of which laid a technical foundation for the emergence of DeFi. First, the first generation blockchain technology represented by Bitcoin realized the secure and decentralized spread of value on the Internet. After that, the decentralized underlying network dominated by Ethereum realized the operation of the decentralized program Dapp with the smart contract based on the programming language Solidity. These two block technology breakthroughs have laid the technical foundation for the DeFi, after that, DeFi was produced naturally.

DeFi has gradually developed various of financial innovation forms such as debit and credit, derivatives, insurance and payment platform, and formed a more diversified business model in combination with the characteristics of blockchain technology token incentive. Compared with the traditional financial system, DeFi does not need to rely on intermediaries to engage in financial activities. The centralized financial system operation represented by banks needs the intermediary institutions of entities, and the traditional financial system is managed by people and will be subject to policy supervision, which is vulnerable to human related risks, such as mismanagement and corruption.

DeFi tries to use the emerging Internet and blockchain technology to correct the defects of the traditional financial system and create a better financial environment. DeFi optimizes three key parts of the banking system, which is to streamline the payment and clearing system, improve the availability of financial services, and improve the openness and transparency of supervision.

Various institutions believe that DeFi has two opportunities in the future: the first is the distributed improvement and upgrading of existing financial business or service. Taking advantage of the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as build trust together, transparency and non-tampering, there will be needs for upgrading and transformation of some existing financial service and business.

The second is to become a distributed basic support under emerging financial scene and demand. Blockchain technology has the advantage of natural fit for the digital scene, DeFi based on blockchain technology is fully capable of becoming the underlying financial infrastructure in the era of digitization and Internet of things.

However, it is also undeniable that the development of the DeFi industry is still in the initial stage. Whether in terms of the quantity of asset types, public awareness, business and related supporting indicators, they need to be improved.

Bit Taurus believes that the development of DeFi assets also needs more sustainable soil, and also looks forward to the realization of a DeFi network ecology with long-term investment and application value and capable of crossing cattle and bears.

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