The Return of Altcoin Season: Rebel Satoshi and Render at the Forefront of Market Rally

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As the crypto market recovers from a drawn downturn, investors seek other crypto coins that could surge like RNDR. For many market analysts, Rebel Satoshi has emerged as a potential choice, notably with $RBLZ selling over 55 million tokens during its presale. Find out why experts are interested in this new blockchain ICO.


  • Render (RNDR) has gained 47.35% since November 15, prompting bullish price forecasts from many experts.

  • Rebel Satoshis ($RBLZ) presale enters Warriors Round 2 after the Rebels Round 1 sells out in just ten days.

Render Price Prediction: Can Binances Listing Spur an RNDR Surge?

On November 15, Binance's announcement about listing RNDR and a dozen other top crypto coins on Binance Japan pointed to a potential surge in adoption for RNDR and other top altcoins.

Following this Render news, RNDR witnessed a price increase from $2.83 on November 15 to $4.17 on December 18, marking a notable 47.35% uptick. This boost has fueled optimism among Render coin enthusiasts, with expectations pinned on RNDR reaching $6.30 by the month's end.

However, contrasting perspectives from bearish Render analysts suggest a potential price drop for RNDR to $2.50, citing the market's inherent volatility. Technical indicators such as the daily RSI and Bollinger Bands align with this view, predicting a downward trend for the Render coin.

Blockchain ICO Experts Anticipate a 38% Surge In Rebel Satoshis Ongoing Presale

Rebel Satoshi, a rising meme coin project, has rapidly gained traction for its potential to deliver substantial returns in December. Its explosive start was evident as it swiftly sold 10 million $RBLZ tokens within the first 48 hours of its public presale, sparking investor interest.

At its core, Rebel Satoshi endeavors to reshape the crypto landscape by fostering community engagement and enabling financial inclusivity. Employing a unique blend of playful interaction, unity, and a mission to challenge established norms in the digital currency realm, Rebel Satoshi aims to revolutionize the space.

The governance and membership token, $RBLZ, boasts a capped supply of 250 million tokens, leveraging a deflationary mechanism via token burns. Purchasers of $RBLZ gain comprehensive access to Rebel Satoshi's ecosystem, offering diverse opportunities such as a play-to-earn game, an NFT marketplace, and an upcoming staking program.

Kicking off with the Early Bird Round of its public presale at $0.010 per $RBLZ token, Rebel Satoshi's rapid success resulted in a sold-out phase within three weeks. As the presale advances to Warriors Round 2 at $0.018, it secures an impressive 80% return for Early Bird investors, positioning $RBLZ as an enticing cryptocurrency to buy before January.

Early Bird Round participants are eyeing a significant 150% upsurge in their $RBLZ investments as Rebel Satoshi nears the conclusion of its presale, marking $0.025 as the final target price. This potential return solidifies $RBLZ as a good crypto to buy amidst the current crypto landscape.

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