The Finance Rising Star – Ridder Trader Welcomed Its First Anniversary

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In 2020, the global financial markets were in constant turmoil causing a lot of financial pressure on many international corporations. It is undoubtedly one of the significant crises to breakthrough, the determination to work harder is the only way to break through this crisis!

An international capital investment group – Ridder Trader Group (RTG) has welcomed its first anniversary with achievements and glories witnessed by the efforts of the core leaders and all members in the team.RTG has been actively investing in the research and development of the comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) technology to combine with the financial services as its company service initiatives. By collaborating with the efforts of international professionals from all parties, RTG has progressed to achieve an outstanding performance.

Mr Christian Berhnard, Chief Operation Officer (COO) of RTG given a speech in a congratulatory video: “July is an important milestone for RTG as the company has finally welcomed its first anniversary.” As Mr Christian has mentioned “Hope” is the key motivation for RTG team to maintain their passionate attitude and the crucial driving force behind the establishment of Ridder Trader’s success.

In the past year, RTG has achieved its excellent results in terms of business development in Asia Pacific and International Region. The technical team of RTG has successfully created the AI technical indicator trading system – MOPAI that provides a remarkable service to maintain a consistent level of profitability. The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of RTG – Mr Jerryson Arcon has mentioned that the excellent technical indicator system – MOPAI has performed various accurate strategized indicators with great results ever since the system launched in 2020.

The distinctive results have gained the satisfaction of all global agents and valued customers on the great performance of profit returns. RTG also received the unconditional supports and user affirmation to be chosen as the investment choice in the market across the world.  Mr Jerryson stated that the AI trading system – MOPAI created by RTG has integrated multiple highlighted trading strategies of well-known financial investors, such as George Soros, Martingale Strategy, and other remarkable trading technique indicators, to improve the user experiences in performing trades with MOPAI system. Users are provided with multiple data analysis functions in the system which supports in the instant retrieval of trading indicators from the markets. It has been proved that the AI technology provided by RTG has reached the professional standard while the system is operated by an experienced technical team to achieve the best corporate results.

In the upcoming business development plan of RTG, the company will be recruiting more in-field professionals and expand business operations in multiple global market to expose for more opportunities. The company will be emphasizing their core mission to provide qualified services to users by integrating more resources and improvising the trading platform better in terms of efficiency and user experiences. Both the core pillars of the company – Mr Christian and Mr Jerryson also stated that, they will continue to enhance their leadership efforts, leading the teams to achieve more outstanding performances and paving the way to success by embracing the company’s moto spirit – Leading the Virtue of Finance World!

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