Filscoin Aims To Break Through The Restriction Of Traditional Centralization Of Digital Financial System

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The FilsCoin Foundation of Singapore, together with the core technology team of the U.S. Sacle and third-party management firm Greenspring Associates, has jointly created the FilsCoin Blockchain 3.0 complex ecosystem. FilsCoin platform is a complex business ecosystem with a collection of decentralized financial tools, Dapp chain games, digital authentication of social commerce, distributed digital transactions and so on.

Bitcoin, founded in 2009 by Mr. Nakamoto, is considered to represent blockchain 1.0 technology, a digital currency with zero-cost mobile payments across borders, and the real cost of delivering value is zero.

The birth of Ethereum in 2014, which introduced smart contracts into blockchain and opened up the application of blockchain in financial field, spelled the arrival of the blockchain 2.0 era, which is marked by the de-centralization of the whole market, so that all financial transactions can be converted into blockchains, including stocks, private equity, crowdfunding, bonds, hedge funds and all types of derivatives (options, etc.).

With the development of technology, the blockchain 3.0 beyond the monetary and financial fields emerged before our eyes. Blockchain 3.0 is a safer and more efficient intelligent manufacturing ecosystem built by the first two generations of blockchain, combined with intelligent manufacturing and the Internet of Things.

In 2017, a Foundation was set up in Singapore to set up FilsCoin’s main R&D and operations team.

In 2018, the project was formally developed, and senior officials visited many countries. Finally, several operational bases were set up in South Korea, the United States and South Africa.

In 2019, with the distribution of mines, BTC and ETH mines were established and its mines spread throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, Iran and other places.

In 2020, IPFS-Filecoin was laid out, and a large amount of money was spent on research and development of core technology of blockchain, encryption of digital money technology, distributed storage and other fields.

In 2021, the distribution of Chia, BZZ and other mainstream project business expanded to Mainland China that lifts the wave of blockchain + new retail wealth.

FilsCoin creates the perfect fusion of ecological closure mode, mining machine, zero fee, group purchase mode, chain agent, and blockchain, and deployed it on the offline application scene. This is what constitutes the long-term development mechanism of the project.

The project was set up in Singapore, supported by the business elite of many countries. A number of institutions have invested heavily in setting up and operating centers in many countries;

As an epoch-making new technology, blockchain technology is triggering the rise of global productive forces, pushing forward the transformation of global relations of production and exchange mechanism.

FilsCoin brings together elite leaders of the digital assets field from the United States, Canada, Singapore, India, China, the Philippines and South Korea. It has also been strongly supported by the world’s top strategic investors.

In the future, FilsCoin will realize the global industrial data chain and asset security chain, promote more individual industries to join the ecosystem, carry out data fusion, maximize the use of data value, and jointly create a digital economic ecosystem with data-free circulation, value sharing, and industry collaborative innovation.

FilsCoin is a bifurcation of FIL. Based on the economic incentive model of pow-like, FilsCoinn releases the privacy hashrate of countless CPU and applies it to parallel chains, thereby serving other applications such as DeFi, data services, and distributed storage on FilsCoin chains.

FilsCoin is designed to solve the FIL hot storage problem, incorporate Swarm’s CPU bandwidth technology, and implement intelligent contracts through the Fils blockchain architecture based on the bifurcation of Filecoin. The total issue volume is estimated at 200 million.

FilsCoin stores user assets and information security stably. Through IPFS distributed storage technology, it achieves the globalization of digital financial interworking network, financial freedom, as well as Internet freedom. In the future, FilsCoin will build multi-application scenarios based on the platform, support the demand of multi-million-level transactions, realize global coverage platform, establish developer community based on the principle of openness, and let more users and enterprises participate in the ecological construction of the exchange. FilsCoin goal is to break through the restriction of traditional centralization of digital financial system and realize the goal of de-centralization without borders.

With the launch of the FilsCoin project, more and more investors and institutions are following the project. It is believed that after its launch, through the continuous update of technology iteration and market expansion, it will be recognized by more enterprises, thus owning extensive commercial applications to create an infinite future.

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