Explore the combination of collectible cards and NFT,DragonFruit brings a new encryption ecosystem

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With the hot market development of the DeFi market, we will bring a brand new digital encryption ecological platform-DragonFruit to all followers and enthusiasts in the DeFi field. In today’s decentralized financial industry, there are all kinds of DeFi, anonymous token projects, rumor-mongering under the guise of changing the real world, most of which have no application ecology to speak of. This flashy and unrealistic shift is a far cry from the complexity and boredom of DeFi’s early days, but to be honest-these attitudes can lead to the failure of a decentralized financial industry.DragonFruit,There is no “grand” ideal that is divorced from reality. In fact, DragonFruit is to bring real application scenarios to the industry, a real DeFi ecosystem.

What is DragonFruit?

DragonFruit believes that the encryption industry should not always be boring, complex, and overloaded. Some people may see DragonFruit as an anarchist and want us to subvert the decentralized financial industry, but we know that fun and functionality can coexist, and we will prove that this can be achieved!

After months of research and development by the DragonFruit team, we launched a super interesting solution as scheduled: the DRF protocol, which is a decentralized financial mining platform. Ours integrates three functional modules of DeFi, NFT and DAO, all of which are supported by the native DRF token based on Ethereum. The DRF protocol has groundbreaking potential. It is based on a decentralized financial liquidity mining system, combined with mining and the collectible NFT market to achieve true and comprehensive interaction.

At the core of DragonFruit is a real art studio and NFT art studio, we round-the-clock production of DeFi-based mining mechanism and cool card NFT.

With the launch of DragonFruit, we will soon begin to develop mobile decentralized applications (Dapp), which will be released in April 2021. In addition, we have also conducted liquidity mining and NFT mining based on the DRF token ecosystem. The function is developed and released in mid-to-late April.

Next, we will talk about what exactly is liquidity mining and NFT mining based on DRF protocol?

We have introduced liquidity mining and NFT mining, in fact, NFT mining also includes what we think of as liquidity mining (because in the process of NFT mining, it still involves the need to provide liquidity to DRF’s capital pool to obtain LP and pledge. ) Liquidity mining is to “stimulate” users’ efforts to generate maximum liquidity and revenue.

How should we participate in mining

In liquidity mining, we need to carry out mining by providing liquidity for DRF. First of all, we need to provide liquidity to the capital pool through DRF:ETH (1:1), thus obtaining the liquidity proof (LP). Secondly, we need to enter the DRF mobile mining products, through the pledge of LP to get mining incentives, mining products APY will reach 500%. At the same time, we will also provide investors with DRF token pledge mining.

In addition, on the premise of liquidity mining, if users are not limited to the intuitive benefits brought by “liquidity mining”, they can also get pitaya seeds by pledging liquidity proof (LP) or DRF token on the NFT pledge platform, and then exchange pitaya seeds with sufficient quantity.

What’s the matter with mining NFT? 

It is undeniable that liquidity mining has revitalized the entire decentralized financial industry, and this process has given cryptocurrency holders the opportunity to obtain substantial benefits. There are many DeFi users on the Internet who like to claim that they “make money on thousands of yield farming crops”, but we all know that most people are actually talking about it in general. The reality is that some users actually have no way to prove their claims in the competitive income farming market.

Our rare NFT has changed this-through these ultra-exclusive features, NFT can reward our users and let everyone truly feel the superiority of income farming. Therefore, our NFT is not only a key component of the ecology, but also designed as the jewel in the crown of decentralized finance.

Next, let’s introduce the DRF token

DRF practical functions-how to use our DRF tokens to consume and earn income?

DRF is the most important, native and secure practical token in the DragonFruit ecosystem, and the token is the transferable representation that manages the specified attribute functions in the intelligent contract code of the DragonFruit ecosystem. Therefore, DRF tokens should actually be regarded as the medium of exchange between participants in the DragonFruit ecosystem, mainly for the following functions:l 

YIEILD FARMING reward distribution;

Award allocation for NFT;

l Reward allocation of pledge DRF tokens;

l DAO proposal, voting

Players can spend DRF tokens to provide power in our liquid mining interface and NFT market. A large part of the value generated will be directly transferred to the token pledge, which increases the annualized income return and the value of the token itself. , But also supports transaction-enhanced NFT and collectible NFT. DRF tokens support a closed-loop ecosystem and incentivize player users like you to contribute resources to provide services and activities within the broader DragonFruit ecosystem.

DRF token distribution

We will mint 91 million DRF tokens, sell 13.65 million of them, and use the rest for mining!

You can participate in the 4.55 million DRF token transaction that we publicly sold on April 14, 2021, and no one wants to miss it!

Hmm…isn’t this kind of good thing unbelievable? Where should I go to participate in the token sale?

Don’t worry-we give priority to democracy and decentralization, which is a breakthrough from the traditional game paradigm. Nowadays, our real world has been manipulated by 1% of people. They are getting richer and richer, and they seem to be able to make money easily, while the remaining 99% are struggling at work every day. The only thing I can enjoy is going to the bar every Friday night to buy a slice of pizza and a few glasses of beer.

The purpose of creating “blockchain” and “decentralized finance” is to control the power of generating money in the hands of the people themselves, as well as in your hands. Just like our anarchist pioneer and Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, we are committed to building a utopian world in which everyone has the opportunity to participate, make decisions, and win greater victories.

Hope you are ready to start!

You can find more information about the public sale of DRF tokens and other content on the platform at the following locations:

Official website: https://dragonsfruit.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragonsfruit

Telegram: https://t.me/dragonsfruit

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