DAcoin’s full ecological chain exchange is officially launched, creating a world-class blockchain asset trading platform

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The emergence of electric lights broke the convenience of light; the emergence of spacecraft broke the boundaries of space; the emergence of the Internet broke the boundaries of information; and the emergence of blockchain broke the boundaries of value. Technology makes borderlessness possible. Dacoin, the world’s first borderless on-chain transaction platform, will realize borderless value exchange with cutting-edge information technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud services, big data, and 5G.

Dacoin is the world’s first public chain platform for digital asset trading on the borderless chain. It is established by colleagues who retain the basic functions of traditional trading platforms such as currency trading, OTC trading, transaction mining, and C2C trading. Dacoin exchange main chain + DAcoin platform ecological side chain” “main chain + side chain” public chain, Dacoin, with its excellent technical strength, successfully broke the three major conveniences of traditional digital asset trading platforms and created new ones for Dacoin exchange users Experience of the digital economy.

Dacoin will integrate the data of major entities in all major industries and major fields to jointly create the level of digital economy traffic, and build a shared network of machine trust. Solve the problems of data access, encrypted transmission, sharing, trusted transaction, storage, etc., realize the safe chaining of global industrial data and assets, promote more industrial individuals to join the alliance, conduct data integration, maximize the value of data, and jointly create a data A digital economy alliance with borderless circulation, open value sharing, and industrial collaborative innovation.

Dacoin implements the operating rules of the underlying system, the financial contract of the upper system, and the public supervision of the outer physique with open, transparent, safe, reliable, and efficient blockchain technology, relying on the community’s group decision-making and borderless joint management to dynamically balance the enterprise The rights and obligations of participants in the ecosystem, such as institutions, regulators, investors, and developers, protect the common interests of all participants, and make inclusive finance truly the cornerstone of human digital economy, thereby maximizing the optimal allocation of resources. Make finance more efficient and make wealth more free.

Technology without boundaries

Dacoin builds an open and shared blockchain underlying technology, and continuously integrates emerging technologies such as 5G, AIAR, and big data, allowing Dacoin’s borderless on-chain transaction platform to be based on functionality and application scalability, so that more institutional platforms can be based on Dacoin develops its own DAPP application based on the underlying technical architecture of Dacoin to truly realize the commercial use of blockchain.

Assets without boundaries

The Dacoin borderless on-chain trading platform not only supports the barrier-free circulation of platform currency, legal currency trading, and currency trading, but also supports traditional asset trading such as foreign exchange, funds, and securities. It is a veritable all-asset trading platform. Assets have no boundaries, which means the seamless connection of blockchain + finance, which not only provides a more comprehensive investment plan for blockchain exchanges, but also opens the door to the era of new transformation and upgrading for traditional Internet finance.

Ecological without boundaries

Dacoin vertically establishes a four-dimensional direct interaction architecture of value chain, enterprise chain, supply and demand chain, and space chain. In the scene of many participants and high radiation financial transactions, it realizes zero-distance and zero-time communication between many participants. To collaborative governance, streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and saving costs.

The core spirit of blockchain technology is that everyone is a participant, with decentralization and decentralization. At present, there is no real connection point between mining and trading platform users. DAcoin is committed to bridging the gap between trading platform and mining and building Robust, positive circular economy model. Let users get more benefits.

The encrypted asset trading platform is an important channel connecting miners and encrypted asset users. Ordinary users have no opportunity to invest in mining machines and can only choose to purchase encrypted assets to participate in the blockchain industry. On the other hand, miners, which should be the most important link in the blockchain industry, are niche and marginalized. In fact, we can see in the Bitcoin white paper that the most important feature of Bitcoin is that everyone can participate in mining, instead of being monopolized by several large mining pools, which is very unfair to ordinary people.

At present, all mainstream exchanges are not fair and opaque, which runs counter to the concept of blockchain technology and the autonomous newcomer mechanism. Borderless on-chain exchanges are emerging in the industry with their unique advantages. Bullcoin borderless on-chain exchanges are born at the right time, and will lead the industry with their strong technical strength and the concept of fairness, democracy, justice and transparency.

In order to seek greater breakthroughs, the data storage exchange will develop the DAcoin exchange, an infrastructure full ecological chain exchange suitable for the digital economy trading environment.

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