BunnyPark held the 1st AMA in our English telegram group at 14:00, 10th May, 2021 GMT time

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Guest: Elsa

AMA rewards: 10 BP

Segment 1: QA with the BunnyPark representative

Q1. Welcome to join us today, Elsa🔥🔥🔥 First simple question — who are you?

Hello everyone, I am Elsa from Singapore. I have been engaged in the cryptocurrency field for years. Right now, I am in charge of BunnyPark operation and business in Chinese market. BunnyPark is an novel and secure decentralized application, deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) full of opportunities and enjoyments. The main sector is NFT+DeFi. Besides Dex and liquid mining, BunnyPark also includes more creative NFTs, mainly blind box and social networking. We want to build a BSC ecological park, so that users can socialize and interact with NFTs. Due to the anonymity and traceability of the blockchain, we prefer to call it “showing off wealth” social interaction. This “wealth” does not only mean assets, it also shows the quality of NFTs held by users. If someone holds various kinds of NFTs on Binance Chain, he will undoubtedly be the most popular in the park. NFTs also allow users to use various images in the park, and form a team to interact with others.

Q2. What is the latest progress of BunnyPark? 👏👏👏

BunnyPark has not officially started yet. It is in the very early stage right now. A few days ago, we just ended sale of Genesis Star Warrior card public sale and opened the sharing card output and Pre Genesis Mining, so that our early supporters can participate in the project ASAP.

Feel free to check our announcement here:

Q3. Do Genesis card, Share card all belong to BunnyPark’s NFTs? Can you tell more about Pre Genesis Mining?

Okay, Pre Genesis Mining means that BunnyPark currently opens a small amount of LP mining, yielding 10% of the original BP, so that users can get some token before the ecological development (such as extracting the blind box). There are 3 types of cards. Pre Genesis Card just mentioned belongs to share card. It can be divided into 3 types, which are three kinds of bunny images: King, Warrior and Astronaut. Share card can permanently enjoy the output distribution of BunnyPark Token (BP), and those who own share card are eligible to form a team for expedition in interstellar space.

King Card is the only one and will be sold in the form of auction; the total number of warrior card is 5,000, and the public sale has ended, and over 4,000 have been destroyed; Astronaut card are on sale right now with a total of 20,000.Classic card is a bunny with different images in the park. These classic card bunnies are divided into multiple series, such as Holiday, Daily, Family, etc., which will be drawn from the blind box. With activation card, users can form a card book, so as to collect cards to produce BP. Attention: share card is permanent and can only be obtained by the current public sale.

Classic card, which are drawn from the blind box, have a fixed period, and their fixed period differs based on different series. In this way, it will add more fun of drawing the blind box and enrich the user’s social image. For more details on BunnyPark NFT share cards and classic cards, please check our official website: https://www.bunnypark.com/

Q4. Will there be more cute bunny cards in BunnyPark in the future ?

Yes, these bunnies are well-designed and BunnyPark own the exclusive copyright of these cute bunnies. There are 15 kinds of little bunnies images right now. There will be more NFT images when the blind box is opened.

Another big news, BunnyPark has reached a deep cooperation with a Top Japanese actress in accordance with uses wishes. It will be officially announced soon. At that time, there will be as many as a dozen actress co-branded NFT cards put in the blind box. Please stay tuned, guys!

Q5. I heard that BunnyPark will cooperate with a famous Japanese actress according to users’ wishes recently, which is quite big news for the BunnyPark community! And you have talked about blind box and NFT cards above, so, well, can you tell more about the social networking sector on BunnyPark?

Okay, as I said earlier, NFT social networking will be an exciting product. In the first version, various NFT user images are supported in BunnyPark for social networking. In next versions, we will gradually support some suitable NFT cooperative project partners to join us. At that time, users may feel that they have crossed into a novel universe in the BunnyPark Park. There are various NFTs that he knows or do not know, which is as exciting as Marvel heroes meet DC hero.

In addition, social interaction can also allow users to “show off” as much as possible. Due to the traceability of the blockchain address, the user’s personal information generated in the park will be able to choose to display their address and on-chain assets or not. Imagine that, someone who carries their NFTs in the park! A series of NFT pets appear in the park, and these NFTs belong to different projects, which will be a cool thing.

Segment 2: Open Questions by the Community

Q1. What is BunnyPark vision for the future? In order to realize this vision, what solutions does BunnyPark now propose?

BunnyPark chose the Defi+NFT track.

As far as we know, a large number of NFT projects focus on capitalization and multiple forms of investment yields, with different forms of images, interactive forms, pure art, collections, or displayed in farming, staking, etc., but all of them are not seperated from the essence of finance itself.

What we believe, NFT should be an opportunity for blockchain or DeFi technology to land. Our team have been participating in DeFi and NFT at very early stage and we did project investment and research. When we came out with the idea of “NFT social” for the first time, and imagined that it can enable people to make friends, interact with other people, and “show off” with NFTs, everyone was excited.

We knew that this would be an unprecedented product!

Q2. Is there any plans for a marketplace for trading nft share cards?

Besides king, warrior and astronaut card, there will not be any new series of share cards in the future. Only the classic cards will keep updating different series. In other words, share card will be the scarcest card.

Q3. I wanna know develop road map.

Okay, it’s currently in the Pre Genesis mining stage, so users cannot get many BP. Thus, we plan to list blind box in the next 10 days, almost. Since users need to use BP to open blind box, Astronaut card sale may be ended soon. During this period, BunnyPark team is going to announce our cooperation with a famous Japanese actress in advance and post the co-branded card information. There will be an airdrop campaign for worldwide users too.

In addition, our Initial Park Offering (IPO Initial Park Offering) section will also be launched soon to support users to participate in the issuance of outstanding projects Token or NFT. We set a “dynamic, undifferentiated, quantitative” approach to assist other projects in issuing indivisible NFT assets, which is completely different from the existing issuance models such as IFO/IDO.

Since we have received a lot of business cooperation and promotion proposals several days after it was launched, we will adjust our short-term plan. So please follow our Twitter and join our TG group for the latest information.

Q4. When do you start selling blind boxes and start the bounty program?

We will open the blind box program ASAP. It is expected that in mid-May, in the next 1–2 weeks, the bounty program will be launched after the blind box is opened.

Q5. Will BP be listed on major exchanges like Binance? Will there be major partnership agreements? What is your estimate of market size for BP? Do you see the PancakeSwap project as a competitor, do you have a goal to beat them?

1.Bunnypark is built on the Binance Chain ecosystem. We will actively and deeply participate in Binance’s construction of DeFi+NFT in June.

Our team have applied for the 2nd phase of the Binance Chain Ecological MVB program, and the team is very confident about it now.

2. There are more important partners who want to join us, and we will announce their list soon.

3. There will be more room for Bunnypark to develop from the whole picture of NFT, and our goal is to be Number in the NFT sector.

4. Pancake will not be our competitor. There are both the same and different parts between us and Pancake. We will make full use of our exclusive sectors and advantages, and learn from Pancake.

About BunnyPark

BunnyPark is a novel and secure decentralized application, deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)full of opportunities and enjoyments. The developer friendliness and openness of BunnyPark enables it be compatible with mainstream and innovative DeFi products. It supports more than DEX, oracle machines, NFTs, liquidity proof of work, loan and insurance among other common features, but as well allows to quickly build and flexibly assemble distributed applications (Dapps) of any forms via universal developer protocol.

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